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Socialize! has become ima-pim.

Version is now available for Download:

For Windows Desktop: Here

System Requirements:

First Steps

When the Application is installed for the first time, a fictional database is generated. I recommend that you play around with these fictional data to get an understanding of the software's features before working with your real data.

To begin working with your real data, select 'Delete all Data and Files' from the File menu. After a restart of Socialize! you get an empty database that is ready to be filled with your real data.

You may now initialize a sync with Outlook, or import data from Outlook or csv-tables, or input your contacts manually. Or you set up a sync with your google contacts.

Also you should set up Socialize! to import your interactions from your mobile phone. At the moment Socialize! supports Windows Mobile Phones and Apple iPhones (Blackberry and Android support will be available soon).

If you don't use Outlook you may set up synchronization with your IMAP Email accounts. Socialize! is able to import email interactions from IMAP email accounts (IMAP is supported by almost all popular email service providers).